"C'est une grande folie de vouloir ĂȘtre sage tout seul."

(François de La Rochefoucauld, Maximes)

Sometimes, it happens that we cannot solve a problem in spite of knowing its solution; there may be a lack of space and time, it may be hidden or there is just no obvious way of getting there.

Because somewhere inside, you know the answer, you know how to achieve your goal, coaching is not designed to give you advice but rather to support you in finding answers and realizing your goals. I help you finding strategies to initiate change and to implement sustainable solutions.

By challenging your concepts, questioning what you take for granted and thinking outside the box, I show you how to take on new perspectives and include new views on the matter in question. You may use me as your mirror and your magnifying glass, and, depending on the setting, you may profit from my expertise in music, musicology and pedagogics and my experience in organisational development of non-profit organizations.

Music & Coaching has collected a lot of knowledge about nutrition over the years. We are happy to share our experiences and insights with you. We help you to look deeply into your habits and to make lasting changes where necessary to advance your health.

Music & Coaching views your habits around light and modern technologies as an essential part of nutrition. New research and theoretical bases from bio-physics are available; they show how our rhythms and our well-being depend on much more than just food as we usually understand it.