Music and Feldenkrais

"There is not ONE True Art of playing keyboard instruments but there is a better one."

(Karin Bernhard)

Feldenkrais can be a deciding factor in supporting a musician's health. Musicians are in constant danger of overburdening and straining there musculoskeletal system. By including a person's awareness actively into the learning process, Moshé Feldenkrais created a tool that empowers musicians to train and refine their body consciousness to an extent that the risk of wear and tear or serious injury can be minimized.

In Feldenkrais, a lot of attention is payed to the dynamic balance of tension and relaxation. Excessive effort is being reduced systemically. This improves the fluidity of motion sequences which positively influences the quality of sound. Internal and external disruptive factors can be identified more easily. Musical expressivness increases. Technical abilities can be further developed.

A generally increased feeling of wellbeing at the instrument decreases stage fright and has a positive influence on your expressiveness. For singers it is self-evident that the musician's body is the instrument. What is true for singers applies to all other musicians too: the musician's body is and must be an integral part of the instrument.