Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

"When you play music, you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed."

(Bill Evans)

No matter whether you are a novice, whether you already have some experience or restart playing the piano after a pause, and no matter whether you have the potential to become a concert pianist or not, the important thing is to make music all by yourself. I am happy to accompany you on that journey assisting you in your learning process.

Coming from a classical background myself, I customize my method of teaching in compliance with your musical preferences. Depending on how much time you can spend on practising, we choose the frequency of the lessons and set the pace of learning. I provide you with a thorough methodical build-up and help you developing a solid technique and all musical abilities necessary. The more skills you have, the more fun playing and learning will be.

A method especially developed for smaller children allows starting with a systematic musical education at kindergarten age. A close co-operation with the parents is desirable to ensure that music will become part of everyday life.

The Studio is equipped with two outstanding instruments by Steinway & Sons.

During more than 15 years of teaching, I trained several winners of piano competitions.

Please contact me for further information and appointments.