The magic of the piano enchanted and bewitched me very early in my life. My very first memory entwines with the sound of piano music. Many years later, I chose music as a profession because music could say so much more than words.

Music is universal and there is such a great variety of styles and forms that everyone may find his|her own music. For me, music is a language, an essential dimension of human expression and communication. Music is a storyteller with many voices relating stories about a whole world of feelings and experiences. Music is also mathematics, an entity continuously creating new forms and proportions manifesting itself as an architecture of sound and harmony. Music may be a dexterity game or a dance, a studied or improvised choreography following the music I hear inside.

Because music is so manifold, I try to approach it from different sides, try to include new experiences in my preoccupation with it. Studies in musicology and literature have widened my horizon as well as extensive practice of meditation and mental training. Feldenkrais, Taiji, dancing and singing are part of my continuing education. Also, I have been closely watching the bizarre rhythms of the profit-oriented private sector and scrutinising politicians’ ideas about music and music education, which enables me to create links between these sometimes very different worlds.

I am fascinated with people, their ways of experiencing music, their ways of learning and their ways of communication. Each person has a peculiar set of qualities and skills, and thus a peculiar understanding of music. In my work, I try to find their specific qualities, to help them awaken and use their potential, to give them new impulses and explore new possibilities.